Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quick & Cute Cards for Sunshine Mail

Sunshine Mail needs Cards!
Here are 5 of the 25 children in need of  "Happy Mail"
Aaron is a 14-year-old boy with CDH. When he doesn’t have Doctor appts. and he is feeling well, he enjoys skate boarding, playing the x-box and riding bikes with his friends.

Jacob is 12 years old with common variable immunodeficiency and Crohn’s Disease. He has had some recent complications and has not been feeling well.

Tyler is 13 years old in remission from cancer. However, he is still facing many surgeries due to complications from the cancer.

Cameron is a 4-year-old boy born with a heart defect. He has had a number of surgeries to repair his heart. Cameron also has a sensory processing disorder which he receives therapy for three times each week.

Elea is 2 years old who has suffered a number of complications since birth.  She is on total parenteral nutrition, and a feeding tube after losing a large part of her small intestine.

You can see ALL the Sunshine Mail requests HERE.

The darling sMOOches image is from Tiddly Inks

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